We re-purpose products to be environmentally friendly!

Our streamlined design and remodel process brings lasting beauty and functionality to your bathroom—swiftly, painlessly, and on budget. Once we start work on your project, it becomes our life until it’s done and your expectations are met. No surprises, no disappointments, no extended disruptions to your home. Just the gorgeous bathroom makeover you always wanted at the price you expected to pay.

What makes us different?

In a word, simplicity. We don’t hire sub-contractors. We don’t price-gouge. We stick to our project timeline. And we don’t charge more than we quote, even when a remodel throws us curveballs mid-game. We take care of the entire residential bathroom remodeling, from design recommendations to the nitty-gritty of tear-down to the creation of a bathroom as sexy and sleek as anything you’ll find in your favorite home decorating magazines. Let your imagination run wild or let us make the possibilities feel less overwhelming as we partner with you in discovering great bathroom design ideas.

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