Bath Fixer, Inc answers a few bathroom remodeling FAQs about bath renovation and work ethic. Contact them today at 1-800-786-4547 for a free consultation.
We’re fast because we plan well and do all our own work. Having complete control over our work-flow processes, start to finish, means we can maintain a system of superior efficiency based on decades of bathroom remodeling experience. Being fast is not the same as rushing. We do not rush and do not compromise quality for speed. We just make things simpler.
Never underestimate the cost-saving power of efficiency. Our company has been around for decades, so we’ve mastered an efficient process for doing what we do. We really make an enormous effort to not waste—time, energy, or money. In addition, we don’t just do installation but also provide the actual products. It’s common for businesses that do only installation to boost their price points a bit to make up for the fact that they are not earning money on product. Not us.
Again, because we plan so diligently and have complete control of the processes, mid-project surprises are less of a concern to us than they might be to other bathroom contractors. They are bound to happen on occasion, but because we properly plan and prepare, they don’t happen often. When they do, our company absorbs the cost, because we believe clients’ budgets are sacred.

Our simple process begins with a free, in-home consultation, during which we not only look at the space but also sit down and talk through ideas, thoroughly explore what’s possible, and help conceptualize and pinpoint your vision. We get to know your tastes and budget. We don’t just offer product sheets and wait for you to tick your selections. Shortly after, we provide a guaranteed price quote that includes installation costs. Next we set a guaranteed install date. Before we begin the actual work, we make sure we have every single thing we need to accomplish the work. (That may sound elementary, but that’s not the industry norm.) We work on consecutive days until we’re finished. Clean-up is the final step, and we don’t call it a done deal until you’re satisfied.

We provide the full gamut of bath remodels, from basic upgrades and makeovers to high-end dream bathrooms. We don’t just “fix” your bathroom. We fix how you feel about your bathroom by making it function better, feel better, and show better. If you can dream it, we can create it.

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